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St DalFour Skin Care

The St. Dalfour Cream Original is a powerful skin whitening formula. It contains a breakthrough combination of potent ingredients that works in all layers of the skin for maximum skin whitening performance that has never been achieved before. Its ingredient can only be found in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It gently dilutes the accumulated melanin in the skin, helping give it a radiant pinkish-white glow as it whitens.


The St. Dalfour Cream Original is one of the most comprehensive regimens designed to take on acne prone skin for a clearer, more even skin tone. Its powerful ingredients help prevent clogging of bacteria in pores, reduce redness and inflammation, and lighten post acne blemishes. It helps treat acne by speeding up the removal of dry, bacteria-infected, dead skin cell giving a radiant youthful glow to your skin.