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Renew Placenta

This product has gained phenomenal response from satisfied users. Renew placenta is a herbal soap extracted from plant placenta, a part taken from the bud of certain species of herbs. This part supplies the flower and the fruit with the needed moisture. Similarly, when used in a special formulation, renew placenta soap restores the natural moisture of the skin. With just a week of regular use, you will immediately feel the difference. No more dryness and itchy feeling. Instead, a smoother, blemish free, younger. supple skin that is fit for a queen.


  • Nature has its own way of restoring what the earth has lost. This restoration process is very evident in Renew Placentas line of beauty products, solving many womens skin imperfections caused by natural and artificial elements. Renew Placenta has proven to preserve youthfulness, reverse signs of aging, while whitening and regenerating the skins delicate layer.

  • Found at the very heart of a flower bud, plant placentas primary role is to nourish the flower and the fruit with moisture. This secret ingredient can be traced in beauty concoctions prepared for queens and princesses hundreds of years ago.

  • Today, this age-old secret is revealed in every Renew Placenta product. Imagine, a queens fountain of youth made available today to all women - young and old - who are seeking to stay timelessly beautiful.

  • Use as often as you want during bath or before sleep. Effective on any dark spots on the body or even plain facial use